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Owls Points

Earn more Owls Points for different actions, and turn those Owls Points into awesome rewards!
  1.  Signup – 100 Owls Points
  2.  Place an order – 5 Owls Points for every $1 spent
  3.  Share on Twitter – 50 Owls Points
  4.  Share on Facebook – 100 Owls Points
  5. Write a product review 200 Owls Points
  6.  Celebrate a birthday 200 Owls Points

 Ways to redeem

  •   $5 off coupon for 500 Owls Points
  •  $10 off coupon for 1000 Owls Points
  •  $20 off coupon for 2000 Owls Points
Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.
  •  They get 15% off coupon
  •   You get 30% off coupon

How to get it ?

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2. Click here refer a friend using your referral link.

2. When your friend clicks the URL and enters their email, they will get their reward. They will then have the ability to click ‘Apply Code’ – which directly adds the code to their shopping cart.


3. If they then go on to make a purchase, the app will get their reward.

Note that the friend does not need to create an account, nor use the friend reward that they redeemed in order to complete the referral. They would just have to make a purchase!

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