Christmas Present Box Value $1xx

Everyone is waiting for Christmas.
Christmas is the season of joy, of holiday greetings, exchanged, of gift-giving, and of families united. It might be the ideal time to give your family members, your friends, and relatives a meaningful present. In case you haven’t made your decision about the present, this suggestion list could help you with a budget of about $100. Don’t forget to add code XBOX15 for a $15 discount on your gift box value over $100 (This code is available from 12/01-12/05)
Box 1:  2 Hawaiian Shirts, 2 Beach Shorts, Ornament

 Box 2: 2 Hawaiian Shirts, 2 Tumblers, Ornament

Box 3: 2 Pajamas + Pants, 2 Ornaments


Box 4: 2 Pajamas + 2 Hawaiian Shirts


Box 5: Hawaiian Shirt, Pajamas + Pants, Tumbler, Ornament 


Box 6: Hawaiian Shirt, Hoodie, Tumbler, 2 Ornaments 


Box 7: Hoodie, Sweater, Tumbler, Ornament 


Box 8: Hawaiian Shirt, Dress, Pajamas + Pants, Ornament